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Release notes version V2.0.3

New features

  • Wootility will now minimize to tray. A second launch of the Wootility will no longer cause everything to crash and burn, but instead focus the one already open!

  • DKS has been moved to analog profiles. This will allow you to make a profile for your game and always switch back to a regular keyboard when you need it.

  • DKS has been added to the profile manager too! Share, share, share!

  • The actuation point has been moved to a separate card to make it clear that it will not influence your analog settings.

  • The extra clunky analog keybindings can be hidden, so the UI looks a lot cleaner.

New firmware v 1.10

  • Fixed a bug that didn’t instantly change a new DKS on the keyboard

  • Profile sharing should work again.

Hotfix version V2.0.4

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Windows 7/8/10




Release notes‍‍‍ version 1.0.0

  • Improved firmware update experience

  • Added a more user-friendly restore mode

  • Added a enable/disable DKS bindings slider

  • Profile im‍‍‍porting is more fool proof

  • Profiles from ANSI version are compatible with ISO version, and vice-versa

  • Right click to unbind keys.‍‍‍

  • This version still has auto-updates by default, in the next build we will make this smarter and give the user a choice.

  • Disabled function toggle for the time being in the Wootility.

  • Fixed version num‍‍‍ber on FW update screen.

Hotfix version 1‍‍‍.0.1

Hotfix version 1.0.2

  • Fixed the analog curve not saving correctly.

  • Added icon color change when an update is ready to be installed.

  • Fixed an issue on ISO keyboards, where a certain key wasn’t working properly.

Hotfix version 1.0.3‍‍‍

Hotfix version 1.‍‍‍0.7

  • Profile colors will now load directly to the keyboard again when you load them from the p‍‍‍rofile manager.

Release notes v‍‍‍ersion 1.0.5

Firmware 1.9

  • We made the keyboard respond faster to your keypresses by increasing the USB polling rate to 1000 Hz and decreasing the time it takes to scan all the keys.

  • The keyboard will now turn off all the lights when your computer goes in sleep or turns off.

  • The xinput joysticks will now reach the full 100% when you press them all the way down. Thanks to @Nunurs Mega Power for pointing this out.

Wootility 1.0.5‍‍‍

  • The profiles codes can now be shared between ISO and ANSI keyboards without crashing your wootility.

  • Added function to add the custom colour presets. Right click on a preset and pick any colour you like to overwrite it.

  • Added function to “paint” RGB colours to keys by holding down the mouse button and dragging over the keyboard.

  • Added link in the general settings to the bug / feature report form.

New features

  • Direct input is here! Got some older games to play? Need all the analog keys for your simulation game? Swap your analog profile to Directinput.

  • You can choose between inputs per profile (Xinput or Direct input)

  • You can now change color the color of caps lock & FN lock when they’re activated, go make that perfect color profile.

  • Xinput can be disabled from the general settings, this will apply to all profiles and will require a keyboard restart. Don’t worry, your settings are safe.

Bug fixes

  • Automatically remove spaces in profile codes for smoother imports

  • Copy & pasting should work as intended on MacOSx. The mac version will also have the top menu now.

  • You’re room will no longer be lit when you accidently press the Mode key if you keyboard is in sleep mode.

  • The keys are disabled a tiny bit longer when you bind your keys now. You should be able to bind Escape and the Windows-key without crazy things happening.

New firmware v 1.10

  • Added Directinput support to the keyboard

  • Added the xinput disable to the firmware

Release notes version 1.0.6


Interested in what we’re up to behind the scenes? Check out our roadmap here. Make sure to leave your feedback on the board or in discord! Want to be a tester of the latest features ask any of the founders on di‍‍‍scord for beta acces <3.

Upcoming feat‍‍‍ures

  • Improved DKS functionality

  • In app profiles sharing‍‍‍

  • RGB lighting effects

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